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Be an Excellent Runner With New Balance

What brand of shoe does Reagan wear? What brand does GW Bush wear? What brand of footwear does Clinton choose? How about Jobs and Gates? The answer is unique: New Balance. Because its shoes are chosen by presidents, New Balance always called itself The King of Running Shoes.

Since New Balance Arch Support Company first founded by William J. Riley, a 33 year old English immigrant in Boston in 1906, New Balance tried its best improving its technology in material producing and appearance of shoes. New Balance brand have gone through 100 years. In 100 years, it grew from a small company which manufactures shoes for professional runners and teams to a second big brand in USA. These changes are relied on its never changed moral standard, 100% satisfaction of customers and teamwork.

There are also some stories about Mr. Jim. Davis, the president of New Balance Inc. Davis was a professional long distance race runner, who participated several times of Marathon race before he bought the New Balance Company. Davis himself loves running a lot; he said that running can make his performance in work much better and have joyful private life. Davis believed that New Balance could be the King of Running Shoes, so he participated in the development of all the models of shoes since he is a runner and the person in charge.” Achieve New Balance” is Davis’s proposition; what he means is that everything should be done in a moderate way and going for the extreme is not the right method. So he doesn’t want his employees work late into night. The most shocked thing Davis has done is that he destroyed a batch of thousands of shoes just because these shoes have a little problem. Then you can image the persistence the presidents of many countries had on the New Balance shoes. It is said that Wen Jiabao, the president of PRC, also wears a pair of New Balance 992. The New Balance has entered the Asia market.

Today’s New Balance is no longer a company only manufactures running shoes. It also produces sport cloth, children footwear, and even eyeglass frames designed for athletes. New Balance is the official footwear and apparel provider of the United States Military, and it also sponsors the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, Army Ten Miler and the Air Force Marathon.

New Balance shoes are presidents’ choice, New Balance have 100 years’ history, New Balance is the best choice for Marathon racers. If you wear New Balance, you must be an excellent runner.

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