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Interesting Vibram Five Fingers

When you wear the five finger shoes for the first time, you will find it strange to plug in your toes into such a rubber shoes. But when you wear the shoes for 10 times or so, you will find the shoes are just gloves. You just wear a pair of gloves on your feet. And this special pair of gloves helps our toes prevent being harmed.

Before you wear the Vibram five fingers for the first time, you have to walk without wearing anything on your feet. This will help you get familiar with the feelings that walking without wearing a pair of shoes. Then, you can take on the five fingers. When you are wearing the five fingers, you can have the feel that your feet are directly on the floor. And such feel will be transported to your brain directly. Then you can control your feet freely and face the wet surface.

You can see the yellow trade mark Vibram on many shoes, for example hiking shoes and working shoes. Vibram is the famous Italian rubber producer. It produced the rubber which has perfect wearing resistance since 1946. Its rubber also used to produce the wheels used on airplanes and jets. So you can image the quality of the rubber it produces.

The five fingers series is the first product which is totally produced by Vibram. The most obvious characteristic of the shoes is that it has five toes and no other shoes have such design. In the shoes that don’t have five fingers, your toes don’t have much space to move. If your toes’ space is limited, when the out force is imposed on your feet, the force is actually imposed on your big toe. When you are wearing such an interesting pair of shoes, you can walk safely and have good balance. You will also have the ability of keeping the right posture of your feet; 5 fingers can sensitively feel the movement of your body. That will contribute to your health since the right posture can reduce the rate of many diseases’ attack.

Five fingers is specially designed so that it is skidproof if it meet water on hard rocks. The finger shoes will on your feet firmly even when your are rowing. The only thing you have to concern is that the shoe is easily having sand into the shoes.

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