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Inventing Fivefingers Come into Being

Nowadays, fivefingers shoes are becomeing more and more popular but when it was invented, few people could accept the special shoes except those who want to pursuit newness. And I believe behind a great invention, there is always a pair of sharp eyes.

With the development of our economy, people’s requirement of living standards are rising at the same time. We are no longer satisfied with being not hungry, instead we want to pursuit health in terms of foods and drinks. Concerning about wearing clothes, it is not the end to wear warmly any longer for we want to dress comfortably. What’s more, people even can not be satisfied with a comfortable dress and they want to be different and have their own styles.

Every one of us has to wear shoes, but have you ever heard about fivefingers shoes? This is a kind of shoes that separate the five toes of people. No matter you can accept the special design or not, the fact is that this kind of shoes is becoming more and more popular. Before long, you will find that many people around wear a kind of shoes called fivefingers. I would like to put it like this for your understanding. For example, there are two kinds of gloves, namely, one that separate fingers and the other that do not. Though socks have been invented for many years, socks that separate toes were invented recently. What’s more, people think that socks that can separate toes are much more good-looking and protect their health at the same time. So we can come to the conclusion that ideas change our lives. At present, fivefingers socks are not unusual, maybe we are wearing a pair of such socks right now.

As I have just said, ideas can change the way we live but meanwhile ideas are just from our ordinary lives. For a pair of sharp eyes, ideas are everywhere. The famous shoes designer Georges Brins got the idea of inventing fivefingers from a small accident. When Georges Brins was on holiday with his family, his daughter broke her ankle accidentally. In the hospital, he saw the doctor use a kind of socks that could separate toes to cure her daughter’s ankle, which attracted  the attention of Georges Brins. First of all, he noticed the comfort of the sock for it can make every toe extend fully and the patient can walk freely with the sock on. In addition, the separated room can prevent germs from growing. As a shoes designer, Georges Brins could get the significance of applying the shape of the socks into making shoes sensitively, as a result, a great idea was born.

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